Cold pressed juice

HUROM - so
natural juice, how much
it is possible

Cold pressed juice is a natural juice of superior quality, made from vegetables and fruits by slow but powerful compression, thanks to which all vitamins and trace elements are stored in it. Such juices improve health, make the body attractive, charged with energy and vivacity!

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Возможно вам нравятся сладкие и пряные фрукты, такие как яблоки и апельсины? Или вы предпочитаете сок из хрустящих листьев капусты и шпината? А как насчет популярного в диетических программах миндального молока? С HUROM вы получите самый натуральный сок из всего природного разнообразия, сохраняя всю пользу.

Juice HUROM - the nutritional power of fruits and vegetables
4 times more vitamins
When eating fresh fruits, the body absorbs up to 17% of their nutritional value
Drinking juice HUROM allows you to assimilate up to 65% of nutritional value of fruit
Assimilation is 20 times faster
3-5 hours
The process of digestion of fruits takes from 3 to 5 hours
10-15 minutes
Assimilation by the body of HUROM juice occurs in just 10-15 minutes
HUROM - the best way to make "live" juice!
Experiment with HUROM juice and chicken protein
Chicken meat in apple juice
Unsplit chicken meat (enzymes destroyed)
It's been 3 hours
Chicken meat in juice HUROM
Split chicken meat (live enzymes)
It's been 3 hours

Live enzymes in HUROM juice help digestion. Most of the chicken protein, placed in HUROM juice, is split under the influence of active enzymes, as this occurs during digestion. While in the usual juice as a result of industrial processing, the active enzymes are not preserved, therefore, chicken meat remains in its original form after 3 hours.

Only 100% of juicy benefits - nothing superfluous
Cold pressed juice HUROM

Plum, apple, peach

The majority of shop juices

Concentrate, dyes, preservatives, water

Cold pressed juice HUROM - the best juice in the world!

Unlike juices of mass production, HUROM juice is a fresh, "live" juice, in which all the benefits of fruits and vegetables are carefully preserved. Home-made juice of slow-pressing does not go through heat treatment, does not contain preservatives, dyes and other additives. Only 100% natural taste and benefits of ingredients, as you are sure.


200 g

140 g

An Apple
140 g

Skin care / eye health / fatigue remedy

127 Kcal / 280 Ml

Vitamin C promotes digestion and maximizes the nutritional benefits of beta-carotene and vitamin A contained in carrots, which has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision, energizes, improves skin health.

Cabbage and spinach

A pineapple
100 gr

250 gr

30 gr

30 gr

Antioxidant / Prevention of Anemia

100 Kcal / 280 Ml

Cabbage contains beta-carotene, and spinach is rich in iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. By combining these vegetables with pineapple and orange, we get a great antioxidant juice.

Blueberry smoothies

180 gr

60 gr

100 gr

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

122 kcal / 280 ml

Bilberry entered the TOP-10 "super-products" according to TIME magazine. Fresh berries of blueberries in abundance contain polyphenolic compounds, which reduce the level of active oxygen in the blood, which increases in stressful situations and slows down the aging process.