Revolutionary technology

We invented SST (slow squeeze technology) and more than 40 years have perfected it so that you can enjoy the best HUROM juice in the world at home.

Rotating at a speed of 40 revolutions per minute minute, the screw of the juicer HUROM gently, quickly and gently squeezes the juice of fruits and vegetables without heating, without destroying the vitamins contained in it.

From a prototype to a masterpiece
Specialists HUROM invented and more than 40 years improved the auger to reach the pinnacle of excellence in squeezing juice!
The first screw of the horizontal juicer
Invented and patented auger vertical juicer
The first generation of cold-pressed HUROM augers
The second generation of HUROM augers for cold pressing
Patented cold pressing technology HUROM

The SST cold pressing process is similar to manual juice pressing by means of, for example, a citrus press: the juice comes out under strong pressure from above, supplemented by rotation.

Unlike conventional juicers, which rather crush ingredients, the technology of slow spin allows delicately squeezing juice from fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals, preserving their benefits, natural taste and aroma. Without heating, friction and excessive noise.
The technology of powerful slow pressing HUROM allows you to get 2 times more juice, in each drop of which - the maximum possible content of active components needed by our body.

The most natural juice

The technology of slow spin is the most natural way of obtaining juice.
The HUROM juicer minimizes the friction of the ingredients to preserve healthy nutrients.
With the help of powerful pressure and continuous rotation, the HUROM juicer extracts all nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

How the juice of HUROM is squeezed out
Step 1

Preparation of ingredients Cut and place the ingredients in HUROM

Step 2

Juice extraction
Ingredients move down the curls of the auger and give their juice

Step 3

Exit the cake
The cake is different from the juice and is pushed out through the "cake exit"

Step 4

Juice output
The juice passes through the sieve and fills the bowl